Sunday, June 8, 2008

study, study, study...

This week's been stressful and i'm pretty sure it wont get any better for the next 3 weeks as spring quarter comes to an end. Papers, presentations, midterms, just doesn't stop. i'm even updating this blog from MLK library as im taking a break from my econ. I think my stress level maybe at an all time high with so much stuff coming up this week. Just a whole lotta thoughts going through my head and yeah...stressed.

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my studying space...
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Helen testing out her new voyager cam at chipotle on me and terry.
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CJ said...

you mean with you, terry, and the creepy statue thing behind it:)
sean!!! dont stress out hard:(:( makes me sad. i should be stressing though. ahahah after finals and all this stupid stuff,
lets go on a livin spree!
shit they say the best things in life are free

vi said...

hi, sean .. lol, it's candy. i found your blog link on NT. you're so grown now!